A Day of Architecture


Art & Film Direction, Digital design
Isabella Hiew
Cinematography Pedro Kok 
Music/ Sound Gabriel Santos

A Day of Architecture is a symposium hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art each year in January. The event illuminates critical ideas on contemporary architecture.

To mark the occasion, Aesop collaborated with architectural filmmaker Pedro Kok to explore three projects featured at the event and the intent behind them: Carla Juaçaba and her Vatican chapel, Grażyna Kulczyk, Chasper Schmidlin and Lukas Voellmy for Muzeum Susch, and Liam Young with a reflection on future cities

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Muzeum Susch | Grażyna Kulczyk, Chasper Schmidlin and Lukas Voellmy 

Vatican chapel Carla Juaçaba

The Green Screen Studio | Liam Young