Prelude to Passage

Aesop - Case Study
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Role Art Direction & design
Isabella Hiew
Photography Romain Laprade
Beyond the physical aspects of travel, our journeys allow us a departure from our usual thoughts, our routines, and from ourselves. To launch Aesop’s Departure and Arrival Travel Kits, we developed an immersive campaign, exploring the innate human curiosity that compels us to travel.

We took to the road with photographer Romain Laprade, capturing the transition of travel from departure to arrival at a destination.

Images and films inspire all kinds of travellers, relaying travel to both urban and nature-inspired destinations, and varying climates and transport types. Content was captured in Paris on a train, a beachside drive through the South of France, and onwards to destinations in the South including the Gaudet House located in the Alps, onlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

To support our customers on their travels, we curated a Spotify soundtrack to accompany their journeys; near or far, which was shared via social media channels. Instagram stories played an important role in building the emotional connection through poetic montages captured on the road.