In Shades of Light


Art Direction/Design Nonie Hunter
Isabella Hiew
Photography Romain Laprade
Created for the launch of a new facial SPF product to the Aesop range. For this campaign we look to depict sunlight as a daily inevitable presence, a constant we come in contact with direct and indirectly. As urban dwellers, we often underestimate the sunlight we receive throughout each day as we skirt the sidewalk and dart between the shadows of buildings.

Visually, we looked to explore architectural angles and shadow to dramatize the moments skin is exposed to sunlight. Photography was captured by Romain Laprade at Ricardo Bofill’s celebrated architectural site La Muralla Roja in Spain.

Retail expressions used graphic vinyls, coloured gels and dichroic film to draw attention to sunlight within the Aesop store.

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